Perler Bead Keychains!

Hi! With this, the opportunities are endless. They are $5.00. You must contact me (if you have a pattern that is appreciated!) and I will make it. You have to have what it is, and I will send you what it looks like. If you want me to replicate something that is also made of perler beads, I can do that too.

I also make custom ones! There is an example below. Once you want to purchase one, contact me! (See How To Buy page!)

For the custom ones, you have to send me the dimension in terms of Length by Width, the color for the text, the actual text, the bottom row color, and the color that is most used. The keyring is not plastic and is a little different, too.

I can make keychain pizzas, game controllers, penguins, rabbits, fishtanks, USAs, anything really.

It’s your choice!

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